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Medicare Enrollment & Medicare Supplement

Licensed Medicare Enrollment Specialist in Las Vegas NV & Henderson NV

Medicare open enrollment

Medicare Enrollment begins every year on October 15th and is available thru Dec 7th

Outside of open enrollment

Enrollment in Medicare can begin 3 months prior to age 65 if not yet receiving SS benefits.

Those still working past ages 65, which are also covered by their employer’s health plan, may defer Part B enrollment to avoid paying Part B premiums. In these circumstances, they can then enroll in Part B without restriction or penalty when they decide to retire/terminate employer coverage.

Medicare Supplement Policies

These policies, which are also known as MediGap Policies, offer 10 standardized plans A through N.

These types of policies help pay for some, or all, of the health care costs that original Medicare doesn’t cover.

AARP endorsed plans available through United Health Care (UHC)

Medicare Part D (prescription) Coverage

We can assist in identifying the most cost effective Part D plan by generating a “Profile Report” based on your specific prescription needs.

AARP endorsed plans available through United Health Care (UHC)

Medicare Advantage Plans

These plans, which are also known as Medicare Part C, are all inclusive hospital, medical and prescription coverage in one plan. This is an economical alternative to original Medicare. These are HMO plans which are managed by Health Plan of Nevada (HPN) or United Health Care (UHC), depending on your choice of HPN’s Senior Dimensions or UHC’s offering of AARP Medicare Complete.